Welcome to the Brushes Page, please see the various types of Brushes available from Ugly Duckling Nails below.

Art Brushes

At Caught you Looking we know the importance of the quality of brushes used in nail applications. The Ugly Duckling brushes are hand made using only the best bristles. The nail art brushes are wonderful, the very finest bristles to enable nail artists to create beautifully intricate designs and artwork. We have yet to find a detailer any finer that the one produced by Ugly Duckling.

All the brushes are finished with chemically resistant handles and filled with stunning crystals that will amaze and wow all your clients, you will be the envy of your fellow nail technicians.

Acrylic Brushes

Ugly Duckling brushes are created by hand using only the very finest quality Kolinsky Sable. They have been designed with the nail artist in mind, facilitating smooth perfect application whilst creating nail enhancements. The brush is crimped at the ferrule, creating a flatter belly but still with a beautiful point for more detailed designs and smile lines.
Ugly Ducking have thought of everything, us girls love a bit of bling and all brushes are made with the most beautiful materials, crystals in the chemical resistant handles that sparkle in the light, and gorgeous lids to keep your brush clean and safe. Sadly, due to the size of the number 14 acrylic brush, it is not possible to have a lid for it but that doesn’t distract from the beauty of it. At Caught you Looking, no other brushes are used, they are just gorgeous in every way and a delight to use.