Tools are an absolute must for any Nail Technician. We all know how vital it is to have tools that not only look good, but are practical and well thought out. Ugly Duckling sell a number of tools that fit this description, the Duck Paddle, a useful stirrer on one end and a scoop on the other, the Omni Tool, the Blinger, they are all essential for a Nail artist to carry out her work.

At Caught you Looking these tools have become essential and we’re sure that they will for you too. Look through the list and you will see a number of tools that you possibly did not think of. The Silicone tool for example, perfect for ensuring a smooth polished finish to chromes and pigments, cutting acrylic when using the blocking technique. Peruse the list and we’re sure you will agree, Ugly Duckling have thought of everything, because they are all Nail Technicians.