Account / Registration Questions

Can anyone buy Ugly Duckling products?
ANo, Ugly Duckling is a professional only brand and only available to qualified professionals.
How do I register?
AYou can register on the “Registration page”. Your application for an account will be held until receipt of the necessary proof of qualification is received and checked. You will then receive an email confirming your account.
How can I access my account details?
AOnce your account has been confirmed you will be able to access your account details through the account tab.
Can I see my order history?
AYes, your order history will be available in your account.

Shipping and Returns Questions:

How long will my items take to arrive?
AAll orders are shipped through Parcelforce Worldwide according to the shipping option you choose. Orders received before 1300hrs will be dispatched on the day the order is received subject to stock availability. All orders received after the deadline will be dispatched the following working day.
What do I do if I need to return an item?
APlease contact me if there is a problem with your order or you want to return an item. The return of items will only be accepted if they are in an unused resalable condition or are found to be faulty.

Product Questions:

Can Ugly Duckling Acrylic products be mixed with other brands?
AUgly Duckling products are manufactured to complement each other ensuring optimum performance together. It is not advised to mix acrylic products with other brands as this may trigger allergies or adverse reactions. The top coats however may be used with other polishes.
Do the Ugly Duckling Coloured Acrylics require clear capping?
ANo, all the Ugly Duckling coloured acrylics are strength powders therefore there is no need to clear cap. Simply use one of our topcoats to finish the service.
How many coats of colour do I need to apply?
AThis will depend entirely on the colour. Some colours only require one coat, some are more syrupy and designed to leave a more translucent finish. It depends entirely on the effect you are looking to achieve.
What UV/LED lamps are suitable to cure Ugly Duckling products?
AThe Ugly Duckling LED lamp is designed exclusively to properly cure our products and can therefore guarantee satisfactory curing. Other lamps may not cure effectively. See full curing details on the “procedures” section of this site

If there are any other questions that I have not covered please email me on :- and I will do my best to help.

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