About the Acrylic Brushes from Ugly Duckling and information on how to look after them correctly.


Coloured Acrylic Powders

Ugly Duckling coloured acrylic powders are highly pigmented powders that are compatible with most acrylic liquids, gels or resins.


Odourless Acrylic Liquid

Odourless acrylics work a little differently than Traditional, and there’s a couple tricks that will make your life simpler! 


Premium Acrylic

Specifically formulated to have better adhesion and strength, and superior self-levelling properties.


Premium Sculpting Gels

Ugly Duckling self-levelling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong, and tough high shine.

Our UV ONLY Clear Gel is a little bolder. Slightly thicker than our LED/UV combo cure, with ultimate adhesion. For problem lifters, we recommend a thin base coat of the UV only gel before building..


UV / LED Gel Polish

The best of the best! When applied properly, you’ll have no running, shrinking, or peeling. These next generation gel polishes are so pigmented, there is no waste – a little goes a long way! Goes on like a polish – no need to freeze cure (in fact, we don’t recommend it).


UV / LED Topcoats

Our combo doubles as a base coat for gel polish on natural nails, and a durable high shine topcoat for gel, gel polish or acrylic. You can even use it over traditional polish, if you have the time to let the nail polish dry thoroughly! (but it must be completely dry before applying our topcoats).


“Me and a fellow nail tech have followed Ugly Duckling for ages”

Melissa at The Mulberry Spa
Praying they’d come to the UK and Lindsay has only gone and done what we’ve all been hoping for. She has been a huge help with choosing colours and recommendations and you can see the passion she has for the industry. So excited to finally get to use the products!

I had been looking to buy from this brand for a while

Lilly Jones
“Sooo I had been looking to buy from this brand for a while if I'm honest the packaging attracted me to the product but shortly realised the shipping fees are high ? sad times girls I know... But now Lindsay here is a UK seller of Ugly Ducking products fast and informative replies my order is placed and I'm yet to try the products I'll keep you all updated xx”